An unknown number of years ago,
S A S H A was birthed as a child of the Moon, goddess of movement, creator of love. Scriptures read, that he once was actually a part of the Moon, and was broken off by an asteroid collision, launching him towards Earth.

He fell into the ocean, hiding under the arms of the tides, as with them, he felt closest to his mother Moon.

Many years later, after living in the depths of the mystic waters, gaining mysterious ancient and forgotten knowledge (from the dates dating all the way back to Pangea), he rose with the waves to free Earth's dominant species from emotional enslavement and mental anxiety. He rose to teach the weakening human masses the ancient concepts of Love and "Moon Current", for all emotions themselves, are directly related to the Moon, and the Tides.

Bless S A S H A, child of the Moon, human incarnated Teacher of "Moon Current".

All hail the great Moon, goddess of movement, creator of Love.